All tell wireless : Targus wireless mouse.


All tell wireless : Targus wireless mouse.

All Tell Wireless

all tell wireless

All Things Considered

All Things Considered

So I've got a goofy grin, I'm trying to get a picture right here. (I blame you, Renee, with nothing but love! :))

I've got my remote in my hand there, and my camera is precariously perched up on my speaker, using the wireless modem to aim it down. Glasses on since I should have been in bed, oh, and hour ago.

Anyhow, ten things:

1) I'm the oldest of four kids.
2) I would have had an older brother, but he died as an infant. I often wonder how my life would be different and what it would be like to have an older sibling. For my siblings, that's me I guess.
3) I've been married and divorced already. I'm the first one in my family to get divorced. I wear it around as a little mark of shame sometimes. Sometimes I miss her, but then I remind myself how miserable I was (and, truthfully, how miserable I made her). I guess you never really get over this sort of thing, do you?
4) I'm never happy with what I have and image matters a lot more to me than I wish it did sometimes, though you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at my car, my clothes, my hair (Which I haven't combed in years, not like it's going to matter much longer...). For instance, I desperately want to get up on Explore... I think I've got one that might make it... it's going up tonight as soon as I finish this!!!
5) The person I admire the most is my father. He works hard, loves his family, and still manages to lead an interesting life. He's got more hobbies than me.
6) I was, for one semester in college, an elementary ed major. I wanted to work with kids until four years at a daycare ruined it for me. I love the kids most of the time (usually more than I love the parents).
7) Whenever I discover a new hobby, I get really obsessed with it, and invariably it's got something to do with art. Photography is just the latest one. There's been guitar, stereos (well I guess that's art and technology)...
8) The saddest thing in the world, to me, is friends drifting apart over time.
9) The most heartening thing in the world is being able to pick right up where you left off years later with an old friend like nothing changed.
10) I develop crushes easily and there are countless girls... dozens maybe... that I never told that I liked them.
11) Sometimes I cheat if I'm not done with my story.

Ten taggers:
dreamcatcher.crb for bringing me to do this, and for being a fantastic person to confide in and collaborate with. I'm working on something for you...
rakkasan69 for being my friend at all times and photo-outing buddy.
Bub56 for always checking out my stuff and having a kind word
The lately-absent miss L-Bear for her astounding rise to the top in skills
itsalisarose for being my confidant :)
Buy the ticket, take the ride for suffering many long, cold nights at the poo plant with me
Lorac's for her riveting pictures of old machinery and tools that always inspire me to find my own voice
Kat Lily for the always beautiful, sometimes amusing, and without fail strikingly good self-portraits that I wish I could emulate in execution (See this picture for poor, poor example)
NoLoveMoreSincere for almost-but-not-quite cleaning my apartment and for continuing to invite me to things. I promise I'm going to come, I'm just nervous since I don't know anyone.
RDubz for stopping by to say hi now and then... I do notice, thank you.
Same goes for you, PabloLopez26.
Yeah, so that's eight.



Here is the problem with this new snapfish thing......
Those of you that order prints off flickr will know about the problems Snapfish has. To start off with Im a paying customer here at flickr and I LOVED the way it was before when I ordered prints. All you had to do was click the order prints tab and you could pay for it online and surprise your family and friends with perfect prints. But now you cant pay online unless you have them shipped to your address. But what makes me mad is that I didn't ask for the Snapfish service, and we have no choice about. So...I get mad enough and call Snapfish and OF COURSE it connects you to a person in India who has the WORST english ever. And all she can tell me is to call Yahoo and they can handle it. Well I call Yahoo and they say to call Snapfish! GO FIGURE. Anyways what makes me the most mad about it is the fact you cant even cancel your snapfish account unless you send them a written letter cancelling the service. All Im saying is that we have to take a stand against them and get the service we pay for not what we have now. From now on Im uploading all my pics to Walgreens for printing purposes. IF YOU AGREE WITH ME HERE THEN LEAVE A COMMENT AND WE WILL MAKE SURE FLICKR/YAHOO KNOWS THEY HAVE DONE WRONG.
P.S. If you know away around this let me know! LOL

all tell wireless

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